Are You?


“You are not; what others see,

Nor are you what rumours speak,

Neither are you the colour of your skin,

Nor the accent you spew from your lips.

You maybe the person with outstretched arms,

The one with a warm embrace and a light heart.

Be not fooled by the books you carry,

Nor by the glance of onlookers as you pass by,

For what they fail to see is;

A fragile being none lesser than themselves,

Carrying her world within her heart.

For you are not; what you wear,

Neither are you the status you bear,

Nor the religion you follow,

And definitely not the language that you speak.

But yes you are; the head filled with dreams,

The love you notice, but everyone disagrees.

Let not your vision be shadowed by the rest,

For you are not what they choose to see,

But everything that’s unique.”