Beyond Repair

She fled her house as tears burst out,

And stumbled upon a limpid bridge;

So pellucid, that it appeared not to exist.

A step further she hesitated,

Fear looming within her chest,

For at the other end, was Repair.

Oh, how her heart yearned not to be in pieces?

But, long was the bridge;

that clearly appeared not to exist.

The courage; she willed her heart to muster,

Only to feel it, slip away 

Beneath her feet




​”Others speak,   of how indifferent you are

            But they know not what’s true

                Or of what you’ve been through.

      All they see is a cold exterior

            Shun away the world,   with an austere barrier.
But the deepest corners of your soul

            Sing a story,   that’s been left untold

              For once,   those barriers didnt exist

                  Buried within was a heart   –   umbrageous
A heart within which dwelled a flame

            Like a glimmer of sunshine 

              Radiating warmth,   enough to destroy the night

      Shunning the shadows with light

            For in glee,   she took delight
But today this heart’s pieces

            Lay strewn;   desultorily,   in this condemned house

              Covered in layers of dirt and scars

                Finding solace,   only within walls
For now all you see

            Is no fragile being

              A cold exterior,   it is

For the world need not know

                  Of the cold-hearted’s war”